Vikki “Taylor” Rosenkranz

    CEO, Houston Green Chamber of Commerce

    She is a fifth generation Texan and has resided her entire life in the country. She currently lives in Waller County with her husband and a ranch full of animals. Her interest in natural methods arouse watching her father’s debilitating illness reverse through changes in diet. She started researching different modalities as a young girl and never stopped. Vikki continues to have a thirst for solutions. Some years later, she started to see the connection with our environment and wellness and expanded research to include living a greener life.

    Vikki since high school, has been in both Radio and TV and still currently works on occasion at KTRK as a fill-in traffic reporter. She also forms strategic partnerships for real estate and enjoys speaking to real estate investors on various topics such as “Green-habbing”.

      Vaughan Pederson

      Director of Corporate Sponsorships

      Vaughan Pederson, President of Cleane Air, is very active in the community. Vaughan is Past President of the Memorial Chapter of BNI (Business Networking International). CleaneAir is dedicated to providing the highest quality odor and airborne contamination elimination services available to residential and commercial customers. The treatment utilizes a high output bio-cleanser to eradicate micro-organisms, airborne and surface contaminants from the home or office.

        Barbara Homann

        Director Public Affairs and Administration

        As Director Public Affairs and Administration, Barbara overseas strategic initiatives, operational strategies and tactics to better serve the needs of local communities. Since joining the Chamber in 2013, she spearheaded the strategic development of the Chamber including the launch of a new website and created a business and marketing plan to attract funding needed for growth.

        Barbara is an accomplished Human Resources Manager with 20 + years of experience in Human Resources, Counseling, Education, and Non-Profits with a passion for inspiring others, building sustainable teams and finding innovative solutions and conflict resolution. Barbara dedicates her personal time to numerous humanitarian and environmental organizations and causes. True to her motto of “making a difference” she believes in fostering individual and global efforts to protect our ecosystems on a small and large scale.

          Hans H.D. von Meier

          Director Business Development

          Hans von Meier, Vice President of Clean Disposal Solutions and Residential Recycling of Texas, is native Texan and speaks English and Spanish.

          Hans’ career has taken him from green solutions involving recycling and technology that destroys hazardous volatile organic compounds and microorganisms without leaving poisonous waste behind, to being the chief marketing and sales officer at OPUS EST Medical. Hans was a media trained senior manager at Sprint, a top 5 green company in the US, and spent time as a network airborne news reporter traveling in the US, Europe and the Middle East on assignments.

          Clean Disposal Solutions and Residential Recycling of Texas service over 40,000 residences locally in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area. Hans is dedicated to his faith, family and community.