Message from the CEO


I would like to warmly welcome you to The Houston Green Chamber of Commerce.

It is my vision that it expands and carries on as a steward to the community for many decades to come.That cannot happen without you!

The passion, the drive and focus to succeed is not from one, but from many peoples across all walks of life, political and geographical regions, to commit to leave this home we call “Earth” a better place than what the got it. Choose to be more and add more to the fabric of our city, our state, our nation, and our planet. A lot of people pay attention to the big things, but event big events and movements all started with a single dream, idea or vision.Remember, it is done with many small steps headed in the right direction.

Let’s “Go Green, –One Step at a Time”


Warm Regards,

Vikki “Taylor” (Cummings)-Rosenkranz,
C.E.O. – “Chief Experience Officer”
Houston Green (&Holistic) Chamber of Commerce
11110 Bellaire Blvd. Suite #235
Houston, Texas 77072
Office: (281) 716-5131
Direct: (713)298-5808
Fax: (877)661-4203