Protecting Life

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The Houston Green Chamber’s Mission is to unite businesses that come together to work in the service of sustainable diverse life here on our planet. Ultimately, it is to create wealth through the service of protecting and enhancing our environment. It shall also be earned ethically, honestly and without deception. We believe in keeping the principles simple and in harmony with all life.

From a business perspective, the markets demonstrate that a smart way to increase business profitability is to be environmentally sustainable. A May 2012 Harvard Business School study shows that sustainable companies produced a return on investment that was about 32 percent greater than that of their non-sustainable peers.

Sustainability is increasingly seen as a competitive advantage and a smart business move. Ernst & Young found that more than two-thirds of the Fortune Global 500 companies report on sustainability or corporate responsibility.

If you are in an organization that believes that sustainability is anti-business, consider that those who support the free market believe in shareholder wealth maximization and in growing their business. Those organizations are taking sustainability on and making it a part of daily business practices. Therefore, you too, can use sustainability as a tool to further your organization’s performance.

From a health — and human species preservation — perspective, sustainability is paramount. There are numerous studies that link the increasing rates of disease to a rise in the chemicals and toxins in our air, food and water.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or member of another party, these health risks affect you, your loved ones and your community. They also result in higher medical bills, increase the need for health care and drive up the economic cost to taxpayers.

Therefore, even if you think the environment is secondary, sustainability should be on your radar. That is, if you care about business growth and human health (excerpt from

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